topcom Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft
Business Intelligence Overview

Budgeting and Planning
Budgeting and planning instruments are supporting policymakers in receiving concrete
information they need for prognoses and developments. Via simple acquisition of planning
data and intuitional navigation technologies it is possible to widely support the
planning process.

Category Management
Data extracted from industry and commerce and the information from market research
institutes are converted into a source of information, which eases the disposal of
several problems for companies, if it is a product range optimizing or the best product
position in the market.

Key Account Planning
Building relationships between client and enterprises is getting more and more essential
to ensure constant customer loyalty to the product and to acquire new clients. That is
why an enterprise needs more and more information about potential clients. Key account
analysis makes use of a number of data which already exists within the company. The data
will be joined then and structured for the appropriate analyzes.