topcom Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft
Complex Analyses

Information won with the methods used in market research today is comprehensive,
multifaceted and quickly outdated.
It is comprehensive in power of statement, although this is something that is often
not recognised at first. Preparing and analysing this data and then summarising it
in a manner that makes decision-making feasible takes place during evaluation of the
information in the form of complex analyses.

topcom advises you in more than just putting the methods bested adapted to the questions
being posed into practice. We actually do this for you as well.
This involves adapting diverse methods such as conjoint-measurement, cluster, factor,
variance and discrimination analyses perfectly to the objective, performing the analyses
and preparing the results for optimum presentation.

We nearly always use the modules in our topStud range of products for performing analyses.
This allows us to detour the limitations of standard software on the market and arrive at
a solution tailored to the needs of our customers.