topcom Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft
Technology Overview

topcom has been using Oracle Corp. technology and products to
implement business intelligence solutions since 1988. With
their market-leading and superbly designed products, Oracle
offers a complete information system architecture compatible
to the Internet for all standard hardware platforms.

In the business process environment the name of SAP has been a
guarantee for innovation, success and creativity for 30 years.
Within this environment business intelligence ensures that vital
information is available in the correct form at exactly the right
time. topcom integrates system-external data into these processes
in order to ensure the information's added value.

Represented on the market since 1988, MIS AG has set itself the
objective of making pan-corporate management cooperation feasible
with its products. MIS Alea forms the basis of this. Alea is a
multidimensional database that is capable of finding quick and
reliable answers to complex questions for real-time planning and
simulation. In topcom's consulting and service environment, this
technology has proven itself time and time again in analysing
complex structures at several hierarchy levels.

Hyperion links a series of interoperable applications with a
business intelligence platform in order to be able to set up
and support buisiness platform management.
This combination helps to turn strategies into plans, monitor
performance and gain valuable insight into improving operational
and financial performance. topcom implements Hyperion-based
solutions in an environment which promotes a high measure of
multiplicity and flexibility.

As a business intelligence supplier Cognos develops scorecarding
and planning software solutions which allow solid, coordinated,
rapid and sustainable planning and decision-making at all levels.
topcom uses components from Cognos and other suppliers for business
intelligence solutions for all processes.