topcom Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft
Business Intelligence

The economical success of today’s enterprises is traced to the possibility of
reacting individually on new requirements of the market. A suchlike flexibility
can only be reached by the early recognition of economical coherencies to use them
for corporate improvement, which is basing on innovative business intelligence
solutions. Such solutions are not only supporting current business processes, they
are also providing the possibility to build-up new business segments because of the
innovative analysing methods. That way already existing markets remain safe and new
ones may be entered.

topcom creates multidimensional analysing systems (OLAP-solutions) on the basis of
latest database technology for the improvement, protection and expansion of already
existing business knowledge.
With the help of our long lasting competency in the field of implementation, we are
able to create single data marts, complex data warehouse systems as well as minimum
data solutions.

Depending on customer wish, topcom will manage the consulting, development, project
leadership, organisation or instruction. We are thus able to manage or consult all
stages of a process of development.